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The City Architecture Forum is a cross-discipline group of professionals  with a common interest in the quality of architecture and public space in the City of London. Formed in 1991 when there was a clear difference of view in the City about the appropriate architecture for the present, the Forum has since heard from the leading designers, developers and planners, visited many landmark buildings and debated the virtues of the wave of development since that date. It is not a campaigning society but hopes to influence policy makers and participants by spreading understanding of issues and approaches amongst its members.

Membership is balanced across disciplines to promote rounded discussion. Typically members are drawn from amongst Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Planners, Constructors, Developers, Building, Financiers, Conservationists and Media.


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BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of healthcare that aims to address the whole person on all platforms: physicial, spiritual, mental, and emotional. BodyTalk is an effective form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be resynchronized to operate at a more optimal level. This energy system draws upon a comprehensive range of studies including: - Western Medical Expertise - The Energy Dynamics of Acupunture & Traditional Chinese Medicine - Osteopathic and Chiropracrtic Philosophy - The Clinical Findings of Applied Kinesiology - The Insights of Modern Physics and mathematics During a BodyTalk session, the practitioner facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the client's body. This establishes the practitioner to locate the imbalances within the body that are a priority to address as they are not communicating correctly and are out of balance with the rest of the body. Next, the practitioner holds the areas that have been highlighted by the testing procedure and gently taps on the head, sternum, and naval. By tapping, the brain becomes aware and repairs the communication link. This process guarantees the mechanisms of the body can function and operate at optimal levels. In turn, the healing process is activated within those highlighted areas. The BodyTalk System allows the body's own "innate" healing abilities to be activated. Client's benefit from gaining deeper inner awareness of self as well as long-lasting results (rather than short-term symptomatic relief). The treatment sessions are non-invasive and highly effective. BODYTALK / INTUITIVE COACHING SESSIONS Clients have exhibited significant improvement in the areas of: - Arthritis - Emotional Disorders - Learning Issues - Digestive Disorders - Endocrine Conditions - Chronic Fatigue - Headaches - Chronic Pain - Stress - Allergies - Back Pain - Sports Injuries/Sports Performance Intuitive Coaching sessions with Julie Veresh combine principles from the BodyTalk System, Access Consciousness, Access Bars, and other conscious-based holistic healing modalities. Julie's unique approach to sessions integrates MIND and BODY therapies to help each individual client: 1. Understand the origin and root of issues 2. Reveal and release subconscious belief systems that have been sabatoging self 3. Shift, transform, and HEAL from symptoms Anytime a person experiences pain, an ailment, or symptom, it is literally the body trying to communicate an imbalance. Emotional issues are stored in our tissues. Intuitive Coaching sessions help to pin point these energy distortions and restore balance. All issues are rooted in unprocessed emotional trauma. This can lead to experiencing: - Anxiety, panic, depression - PTSD or traumatic flashbacks - Struggles with addiction - Anger issues - Difficulties with relationships - Grieving loss of loved one, friend, or pet Trauma impacts the brain on a neruobiolgical level. Trauma slowly begins to erode our health. Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, shame, negative self-talk, unhealthy rumination, sleeping issues, flashbacks, body shakes, headaches, chronic pain, addiction, and problematric behaviours are just some of the symptoms that can surface from trauma. Fortunately, symptoms and trauma can be reversible and are highly treatable. Life is intended to be ENJOYED. There is a big difference between existing and living. Are you ready to heal and transform your life? Coaching/Healing Service Options & Pricing In-Person Intuitive Coaching/Combo Conscious Energy Session: $185 (GST Inc.) Distance Sessions via Zoom or audio calls : $95 (GST Inc.) Conscious Coaching Distance Package 4 distance sessions, interchanagle with family/friends: $350 (GST Inc.) Corporate Contracts/Employee Wellness Programs Julie travels across Canada and is available for custom workplace packages/sessions in person or via distance. Contact Julie for pricing/packages. Email: innatedynamics@sasktel.net Text: 306.380.1588 _____________________________________________________________________________

Access Consciousness: Access Bars

Access Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change. The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and body and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released. Really, anything that you are ready to get rid of, that isn't benefiting you anymore, can be released (similar to defraging your computer). Commonly reported effects include: an increased sense of peace and ease, being less reactive to situations which might have upset you in the past, more restful and deep sleep, and feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter any more. Everyone can benefit from having their Bars run! Julie incorporates her version of Access Bars, in addition to other healing techniques such as reiki, cranial sacral, and facial unwinding within her in-person combination Intuitive Coaching sessions. This preliminary treatment is highly effective at relaxing the nervous system and releasing preliminary "mental mind clutter". The result is a much more comprehensive energy healing treatment and clearer, accurate intuitive guideance.

Distance Sessions

Intitive Coaching/BodyTalk sessions with Julie Veresh are available via Zoom or audio calls Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length. - $95 (GST inc) Click here to book Julie Veresh also offers corporate contracts for employers wishing to invest in the health/wellness of employees. Julie travels throughout Canada for Intuitive Coaching clinics. To learn more about contract pricing or to arrange/coordinate a clinic in your area, contact Julie at innatedynamics@sasktel.net or via text: 306.380.1588

Package of 4 Distance Session (Coaching Package)

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Chairman's 2020 mid-year review

Who could have ever even contemplated the events of the first part of 2020….
In a year when the noise of BREXIT negotiations has genuinely been overwhelmed by all that is COVID-19 and where we have all been either enjoying or enduring the process of WFH the dynamics of our Forum have also had to change and change significantly.

Having started our events programme for the year with a compelling ‘behind the scenes' visit to the West Smithfield Market site of the proposed new Museum of London -now consented- with Sharon Ament director of the Museum and Paul Williams from Stanton Williams, sadly lockdown ensued thereafter.

With great efforts from the CAF Committee we, like many others have adapted to the new ways of working and we are now mid-way through our summer online lecture series which has been a huge success.  To date we have held four events featuring virtual building tours/introductions from; John Robertson with Golden Lane House; Eric Parry with 50 Fenchurch Street; and Dan Burr from Sheppard Robson with Citicape House on Holborn Viaduct. 
On 14th July we then had Bruce McVean, Assistant Director City Transportation for the City of London Corporation, share with us the vision for transportation in the City.  Not just in the COVID-19 period of limited commuting into the City, but also in the longer terms as street closures and building servicing regimes evolve and a more pedestrian friendly and simultaneously sustainable overall environment is created.  The discussion was chaired for us by CAF member Roy McGowan of Momentum Transport Consultancy.

Looking forward to the rest of the year I’m pleased to say that we have a further series of on-line events including; 81 Newgate Street - the KPF reworking of the BT headquarters by St Paul’s’ (July 28th). 20 Ropemaker Street - the MAKE designed new 27 storey block overlooking the HAC grounds which has seen the City’s largest pre-let this year and which will be the new home of Linklaters (August 11th). 100 Leadenhall Street - a new SOM designed tower proposed for the Eastern Cluster (September 1st).
Further details and booking below for the Newgate and Ropemaker Street events.

For the past few months we have been fortunate enough to be able to provide a free programme of events.  However please note that in order to keep the Forum running over the next few months your Committee has taken the unprecedented decision to make a token charge towards the lecture series with effect from September 1st. Events will now be a modest £5 per member and £10 for non-members. Hopefully when we can return to a degree of real life with people back in their offices and real live events and visits we can review this arrangement.

Finally and with much regret I confirm that in view of the ongoing uncertainties relating to COVID, social distancing etc, your Committee has taken the decision to cancel this years Annual Dinner. I’m sure you share my disappointment at the cancellation of what has become the social focal point of the Forum’s year, but it is a necessary consequence of these extraordinary times.

Our guest speaker was to be Sadie Morgan OBE, an architect and partner of dRMM, design champion and of much fame throughout the UK built environment with her many advisory appointments including Homes England and the National Infrastructure Commission. We are hoping that Sadie will join us for the 2021 Annual Dinner.

Talking of 2021, this leads me to my concluding comments when I will remind you that 2021 will be the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Forum. Your committee has plans for a suitable event to celebrate this occasion and I will hope to reveal more later in the year.
Stay safe and well, and I hope to see you all face to face at a physical event before too long.

Andrew Reynolds, Chairman


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